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Cocktails and Movies: Weekend Review – “Wait. What Happened?”

You didn’t see much this weekend, but Cocktails and Movies will tell you what you DID see.

More people obviously watched Game of Thrones last night than care about Will Smith and son…

cocktails and movies

See? There’s the problem.

Did you hear that? That whooshing sound in the background is Will Smith’s box office beginning to make its first lap around the drain; so much so, that Wild Wild West looks like a positive career move. (Even though it’s a guilty pleasure for some of us here at Cocktails and Movies – actually, just Mike) Yes, the once crowned “King of July 4th weekend” has fallen so far from the lofty post he has occupied for so long. All this thanks to his eagerness to try and turn his son into a cash cow, (hey, just give him a damn allowance like normal people!!!), and M. Night Shyamalan’s lack of ability when it comes to anything remotely cinematic. This movie underperformed so much that John Carter made more money in three days last March! (Again, another good film we here at C&M happen to enjoy for its own merits. – again, Mike. Tim hasn’t seen it.)

Cocktails and Movie Weekend Review: “Wait. What Happened?”

cocktails and movies star-trek-into-darknessCocktails and Movies tells you how you spent your allowance last weekend

By Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Trifecta, kids! Like Kevin Spacey at Pimlico, we picked the horses this weekend and won! We placed the first three films correctly, but had a bit of a snafu with the numbers. It’s a process, these things take time. But, we’re getting the hanging of this projection thing.

Here were your Top Ten choices for this past weekend.

Cocktails and Movies: Flicks to Pick This Weekend


Flicks That Cocktails and Movies Suggests YOU Will See This Weekend

Oh, it’s on now! It’s week three of the Summer Movie Season, and now the big movies are cocktails and movies star-trek-into-darknessstarting to come out every weekend and sometimes twice! With these new releases, it’s going to make it harder for Cocktails and Movies to figure how the box office will shake out each week. Kids are out of school, spending allowance, trying to find a summer job. But, with so many monster-sized movies making it to cineplexes each week, who gets all that box office? Well, here goes:

Cocktails and Movies: Flicks to Pick This Weekend


Flicks That Cocktails and Movies Suggests YOU Will See This Weekend

Cocktails and Movies TylerPerry

Does this man have the #1 movie?

Week 2 of Summer Movie Season is here, and with it Cocktails and Movies are sharing two new releases to consider.

Are your jaws up off the floor after seeing Iron Man 3? No, seriously, you should have them up by now, or you’ll catch flies in there or something. Still, Tony Stark’s latest (and possibly last) adventure WAS the “Flick To Pick” last week. This week looks to be more competitive as he’ll be squaring off against another, more enigmatic millionaire; as well as the latest from the producing hand of Tyler Perry.

Cocktails and Movies Review: “Iron Man 3” – Going Out (?) In Style!

Cocktails & Movies raises a glass to Marvel’s ultimate avenging badass, and his return to the top of the heap.

cocktails and movies iron man 3 posterIt’s hard to believe it, but once upon a time Iron Man was seen as a “second string” Avenger. He really wasn’t all that well known, except for a couple cartoon shows and a legendary run of comic books. Spider Man and the X-Men were the first properties Marvel farmed out in the early ’00s in order to combat the fatigue that ridiculous comic movies like Batman and Robin had forced upon comic fans. While they were successful, they started to wear out after their second sequels.