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Cocktails and Movies: Flicks to Pick This Weekend


Cocktails and Movies presents this week’s “Flicks to Pick” for the first weekend in May 2013. Or, what we think you should watch after cocktails this weekend. Like there is any other movie coming out this weekend that will come close to Iron Man 3. Still, maybe your girlfriend doesn’t like superhero movies (and then ask yourself, WHY is she your girlfriend then?), maybe you’re going to get sucked into something else…

First though, here’s what happened LAST weekend:

Cocktails and Movies Presents: Summer 2013 Movies To See

By Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Cocktails and Movies’ Tim and Mike Pick The Movies To See This Summer!

Summer is almost here! That means BIG movies. In the industry they are called “tent pole releases.” They have big budgets. And big stars. The studios hope that you’ll spend your hard earned paper route money going to see them again. And again. And again… Not all movies are made equally and not all recoup their budgets. But, we think that we’ve picked a number of films that will both entertain AND make a boat load of money.

Cocktails and Movies “Flicks To Pick” This Weekend

by tim barley and mike reyes

What we think you should watch

Cocktails and Movies is always looking ahead to the latest releases, the most recent movie news, and trends in drinking technology. Now, with our trademark brand of charm, sophistication and non-accountant based number crunching, we’d like to present to you all yet another gem in the Cocktails and Movies crown: the “Flicks to Pick” this weekend.

(Short version of what we’re doing here: every weekend, we’ll pick our top 3 flicks to pick and we’ll guess not only what ranking they will finish, but how much they’ll make over the 3-day weekend.)