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Cocktails And Movies Review: “10 Cloverfield Lane” – A Taut, Unexpected Thrill Ride That Delivers, And Then Some

by Mike Reyes

Don’t let the title fool you, 10 Cloverfield Lane is a film that’ll thrill fans and win detractors of the film’s 2008 namesake.

It’s hard to preface a review of 10 Cloverfield Lane, solely because what you bring into your viewing of the film will effect how you process the rest of the proceedings. Not to mention, the film’s marketing campaign has been built on a brute force, last minute blitz of secrecy and shock. So instead of the usual pre-amble that I would take my time to weave here, I’m going to tell you the one thing you need to know about Dan Trachtenberg’s directorial debut: you absolutely need to fucking see it.

Cocktails And Movies Take Out Theater: “Speed Racer”

by Mike Reyes

Speed Racer Is The Closest Thing To A Living, Breathing Anime


In 2008, when Speed Racer took a bath at the box office worldwide, The Wachowskis had transformed their careers into the form you see today. Once labeled as “visionary” and adored by most, their stars started to fade with what most considered were subpar sequels to The Matrix. While those films hold up to a certain degree, depending on who you ask, the “wow” factor of the first installment was definitely gone. However, in my opinion at least, I thought those sequels were actually rather good. Speed Racer was the first movie they produced where The Wachowskis weren’t a financial lock at the movies. Instead of making a film that could easily make its budget back, they decided to make a movie that was artistically wealthy. Critics might have panned it, and audiences didn’t exactly flock to it (which was kinda hard with Iron Man minting the Marvel Studios brand, and The Dark Knight casting a shadow on the horizon), but Speed Racer will always have a huge place in my cinematic heart.

Let’s get this engine started!

Cocktails and Movies Review: Monsters University – Graduate Studies in Humor

Monsters University Has Something For The Kids But Much For Adults

Pixar has a history of making funny animated movies that appear on the surface as kids’Monsters University cocktails and Movies films. But what sets them apart from other animation studios is that there is a whole lot more for the adults who have to drive the kids to the theaters. When you think of Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Toy Story and others, you find great movies that have adult themes and inside jokes for adults to enjoy as well.  And so, as you take your kids out for a movie this weekend, and you’re “forced to go to Monsters University, you won’t be disappointed. You may just enjoy yourself and be reminded about those fun years during college and how you mete your best friend(s).

Cocktails and Movies Review: “The Hangover III” – You’re 86’ed

Your money is better suited for a six pack and the loss of your memory

Cocktails and Movies The Hangover Part 3

The end? Hopefully.

It’s hard to tell what pitch of The Hangover III was when the producers walked into the offices at Warner Brothers, other than “Hey, we kinda have to do it, don’t we?” It’s hard to describe this movie – is it a comedy? Action? Drama? Crime story? It’s literally all over the map and very little of it made us laugh as much as the first one, or even the contrived plot of the second one. There is a bright spot, not many, but we’ll get to that.

Honestly, we had some high expectation for this film, even though many panned the second film. While the second installment had some funny moments and we could see the story “necessity,” the third movie is just unwarranted and really without ANY of the fun of the first two.

Cocktails & Movies Review: “Flight” – A Smooth Flight

It’s kind of odd going to a film about a airline captain with a drinking problem after going drinking first… “Flight” is an intense film about an air disaster. But, it’s not just the crash that is gut-wrenching to watch. It is. The intensity that grips the audience is watching Denzel Washington battle with his demons. And there are a lot of them.