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Cocktails and Movies Weekend Review: What You Saw With Your Popcorn


Cocktails and Movies Has The Stats To Back What You Saw This Weekend As 3D Glasses Met Bar Glasses!

Monsters University cocktails and MoviesMonsters and Zombies and Aliens (not British resident aliens, Kryptonian), Oh Wow! A lot of glasses were recycled this weekend, as the top three films of this week had 3D conversions available for public consumption. While post filmed 3D movie conversions are still an iffy business (as evidenced by World War Z‘s lackluster conversion), some are still worthwhile. (Man of Steel didn’t look half bad behind the shades, nor did Monsters University.) With this weekend over and in the books, here are the top 10 films you saw in your local multiplex across America this weekend:

Cocktails and Movies: Weekend Flicks to Pick


Looking for a movie this weekend? Here are some Cocktails and Movies ideas

Cocktails and Movies monsters u vs WWZIf there was ever a weekend to have a cocktail and see a movie, this would be it. “They’re” coming for us all, so grab a drink and hunker in your bunker with us as we take a look at the latest “last weekend on Earth” at the Box Office with our Weekend Flicks to Pick. Now, you can follow us with the hashtag #FlickstoPick on Twitter and Facebook! (If you don’t know how to use hashtags on Twitter or Facebook, check out our friends Total Engagement Media, our social media consultants.)

Cocktails and Movies Review: “Man of Steel” – A Soaring Success

Cocktails and Movies Flies With The Man of Steel -And Comes Back To Earth Wanting More… With Just A Couple Tweaks.

Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) has always been a little different. He’s stronger than most people,Cocktails and Movies Man of Steel and faster for that matter. He’s even more attuned to what’s going on around him, and he uses these abilities to help people in need. What he’s about to learn is that he’s the last child of a dead world. A world whose avarice and rejection of logical thought had doomed their planet to destruction (metaphor much?). A world that his father (Russell Crowe) tried to save even in the face of a ruthless adversary (Michael Shannon), by sending him to a planet far, far away. Clark Kent may look like an ordinary man, but truth be told he’s something much more… super.

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Review: I Spent My Money On What?

Winding back the weekend:  What Happened The Weekend of 6/17

The glasses are cleaned and racked, the floors swept and the lobby cleaned. That means it’s Monday, and Cocktails and Movies is here to recap you what you and your better half spilt your popcorn over this weekend.

Cocktails and Movies: Weekend Flicks to Pick


It’s the weekend! Grab some cocktails and go see some movies!

Able to prognosticate with wit and wisdom in a single blog post! Faster than a speeding thought! Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s this weekend’s Flicks to Pick!

It’s time for another glorious weekend of Flicks to Pick here at Cocktails and Movies Central. While we got it slightly wrong last weekend, we’re not sweating it. The process of prognostication around here is constantly being tweaked, and we’re finding new ways to use the data and forecasting tools at hand to make more accurate predictions for your perusal. We’re constantly rebuilding, making it faster, stronger, and better for all mankind. (And that’s just the office drink cart maintenance we’ve been undertaking!)