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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review – The Best Spidey Film Ever, Full Stop.

By Mike Reyes

Thanks to Jon Watts’ sublime directing, and a cast that’s anchored by a fantastic hero and villain, Spider-Man: Homecoming does whatever a Spider-Man couldn’t do on the big screen.

It’s been a long damned road to Spider-Man: Homecoming. We got two great films out of the Sam Raimi / Tobey Maguire run, with one absolutely abysmal one that shut down the rumored seven film cycle they were attempting. And then there were two very mixed-up films by director Marc Webb, with Andrew Garfield making a great run as Peter Parker / Spider-Man. But neither of those runs could prepare me for Spider-Man: Homecoming, as this latest film did what the franchise has never done before: it made a superior adaptation of the Spider-Man mythos.

Grumpy Friday: East Coast Misses Out On Seeing Captain America Early


And now, a special rant from our resident Rageaholic, Manhattan Mike…

Fan Screening

It all started with this tweet last Thursday. The tweet pictured above, which was promised a week in advance, was supposed to hold the key to seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier at an early “Fan Screening.” After being quick to the punch, I snagged a pass for two for a screening on March 20th (last night) in King of Prussia, Pa.  Excitement, naturally, commenced. Who wouldn’t get excited about scoring a pass to an upcoming movie early, especially this one?!