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Cocktails and Movies Review: “Transcendence” – 404: Backstory Not Found

By Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Transcendence could have been a great movie. Unfortunately, the execution does just that to the story.

I am NOT the Lawn Mower Man 2.0...

I am NOT the Lawn Mower Man 2.0…

Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) has it pretty good in life. He has a beautiful wife and science partner in Evelyn (Rebecca Hall), a wise mentor in Joseph (Morgan Freeman), and a good friend in Max (Paul Bettany). With his work on Artificial Intelligence reaching new heights daily, his work towards what he calls “Transcendence” plugs on with relentless vigor and a spirit of bold curiousity. Or so we are told. There really isn’t anything to back this up, save a few glimpses of magazine covers and groupies that want his autograph. So, sure he has a good life. At least until he is shot with a radioactive bullet, and given a month to live. You think that’d this movie once and for all, but with Evelyn reluctant to give up on her husband just yet, she has an idea. An idea that starts off small enough, but grows into something that neither Will’s friends or foes can control.

Transcendence is a big movie with a big idea. An idea so big, that it’s going to take two minds to break down just what does and doesn’t work.

That’s right folks, it’s Co-Reviewing time!

Review: The LEGO Movie – You CAN Imagine A Better Movie

by Mike Reyes

I’d rather buy a freestyle LEGO set with the money spent seeing this disappointing, but mildly entertaining, kids’ film.

Emmett (Chris Pratt) is a normal Lego guy, in a normal Lego world. A world where President Business (Will Ferrell) owns everything, runs everything, and tells everyone to “follow the directions.” Unfortunately for him, this world seems to have forgotten he’s existed… at least until he’s found the “Piece of Resistance:” a piece with power foretold by Vetruvius (Morgan Freeman) to be the key to unlocking the world of conformity around them all. With the help of WyldStyle (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett), and a cast of standard “wacky, zany characters,” Emmett just might foil Lord Business’s plans to lock the world into a permanent status quo.

Cocktails and Movies: Flicks to Pick This Weekend


And there goes Memorial Day! What a weekend beat down the boys with the NO2-fueled, supercharged FF6 put on the poor Wolfpack from Hangover III. Thanks for coming to play, and buh-bye! At the time of writing this, Fast and Furious 6 has made approximately $131 million and may just have enough to win this weekend’s box office, even with two new movies debuting in theaters, one with Will Smith and son. The other a top-notch cast with a fun premise.

Cocktails and Movies Review: “Oblivion” – It’s All There

“Oblivion” is simply amazing on all levels

Cocktails and Movies Oblivion2013PosterNot all sophomore movies by a director are this fantastic. But we’d all be better for it. “Oblivion” is simply written, directed, acted and edited without flaw. Co-written and directed by Joseph Kosinski, “Oblivion” was originally scheduled to come out in July of this year, but was moved back by the re-release of “Jurassic Park,” another Universal release. This may serve it well at the box office to get the early “Summer” dollars before the official Summer movie season begins.

Cocktails and Movies Review: “Olympus Has Fallen” – Die Hard, D.C.

Cocktails and Movies welcomes Gerard Butler back into the Action Hero’s Club!

cocktails and movies Olympus-Has-Fallen-As of late, Hollywood has tried and succeeded (to a limited degree) to make action movies that A.) tackle relevant geopolitical matters with a fictionally entertaining lens, and B.) attempt to recapture the magic that the “Die Hard” franchise held onto for so many years. Many have tried their hand at both, and a few have succeeded at one or the other on their own. It was starting to look pretty grim, as hardly anyone could tap into the awesome energy of the balance between levity and serious danger that Die Hard had captured back in the 80’s.  (Even later entries of the DH franchise have tried and failed to keep the series from falling prey to diminishing returns.)