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Cocktails and Movies Review: “Muppets Most Wanted” – Criminally Fun(ny)

by Mike ReyesMuppets-Most-Wanted-Poster

The Muppets Are Together Again (Again) In Their Most Daring, Most Charming, Most Recent Adventure… And It Lives Up To The Hype!

Growing up as a Movie Buff in training, there are two films that I credit with my love of comedies: Airplane! and The Muppet Movie. Both of these films were on heavy rotation in my parent’s VideoDisc player, soaking themselves into my brain and forming my basic foundation of humor. To me, these are films that should be held to a Golden Standard of “mile a minute” slapstick, parody and cameo humor. They’re quick, effortless, and self aware enough to be funny, but not enough to play directly to the laughs. Eventually in my adulthood I would be disappointed by the forces behind both of these franchises, as Scary Movie 3 showed that The Zucker Brothers lost it with BASEketball, and The Muppets came back with the lukewarm effort known as The Muppets. I am pleased to announce that not only is Muppets Most Wanted a vast improvement on the previous installment, it manages to rise to the heights of the classic films while paying tribute to attributes from each of the first three installments.

Cocktails and Movies’ Monday Morning Hangover Report

Divergent captures the flag, with God making another top 10 appearance.


(Yes, we have changed the title of this as well).

Talk about a weekend of surprises and sure things. The first weekend of the NCAA basketball March Madness may have taken a little bit of steam out of bottom five movies, but Divergent predictably took the top spot at the box office. And out of nowhere, Christian Indie flick God’s Not Dead managed to take Son of God‘s box office torch and run with it to a fifth place finish. People love that God fellow…

Here’s the rest of this weekend’s numbers:

Cocktails and Movies’ Weekend Outlook: “Whaddya Got On Tap?”


This week at Cocktails and Movies: Spelling, a dystopian future and another Muppet mystery

Flicks to Pick 3.21.14(yes, Supreme Overlord Tim changed the title of the weekend “Flicks to Pick…”)

Well, the weekend is upon us. Time to drink out in the open! No more sneaking shots at your desk. Grab your favorite flask and head on out to the movies! This week, a dystopian future/teen angst future runs headlong into another Muppet movie. Hormones and Felt will reign supreme, and only one of them will manage to come out on top. Which one? Well, to tell you at the head of the piece would be cheating!

Here’s this weekend’s New Releases!