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CocktailsandMovies.com Whaddya Got On Tap? – Week of 10/06/17

By Tim Barley, Mike Reyes, and Duwayne Tso

FINALLY! A sequel we didn’t know we needed meets ponys and blizzards

cocktailsandmovies.com whaddya got on tap 10.6.17 cover

Mixers, you don’t know how hard it’s been to wait for Blade Runner 2049. And now it’s finally here! We can stop looping the Final Cut of Ridley Scott’s original, as well as constantly passing each other in the hallway with utterances of “Too bad she won’t live. Then again, who does?” or any other line that comes to mind. (Tim here: The ’92 director’s cut of Bladerunner is one of my top two favorite movies – tied with Casablanca – and I was not and still not entirely sold on this sequel. BUT, I will still see it.)

That’s not the only film out in theaters this weekend, as there are a couple other contenders that want some of that sweet box office pie. So without any further delay, let’s look at this weekend’s field, so we can get out of here and get in line at the local multiplex as we ask you, like we do EVERY Friday: Whaddya Got on Tap?