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Cocktails and Movies: Weekend Review – “Wait, what Happened?”

by Tim Barley and mike reyes

Cocktails and Movies Winds Back The Weekend of June 6th – 9th

What did YOU see this weekend? Cocktails and Movies knows, and we’re not afraid to prove it!

cocktails and movies The Purge

Welcome to The Purge… It’s a killer.

If this past weekend wasn’t an unpredictable skirmish, then you must have been sitting in the bargain theater where Iron Man 3 is still kicking some ass in AAA ball. We went two out of three with the top slots, putting too much faith in one property and not enough in the other. Mr. and Mrs. movie-goer, you continue to surprise us and that’s fine with us! Just so long as we know about it in advance. (Hey, this prediction market is a good way to make a name for yourself in the industry…)

Cocktails and Movies: Weekend Flicks to Pick


weekend flicks to pickThe second weekend of June is upon us, and we here at Cocktails and Movies are ready to enjoy a little “Purge…”

It’s another weekend here at Cocktails and Movies with two more midlevel contenders ready to knock some big names down a couple pegs on the box office ladder. In one corner is a comedic reunion of two powerhouses of humor – aging, but ready to try and reclaim their former glory while poking fun at the unemployment crisis. In the other corner, a lean and mean street fighter of a horror flick which depicts a dystopian future in which all crime is allowed for one night, and the family which has to do all it can to “survive the night.” Our competitors will have to fight each other, as well as the rest of the Hollywood roost, so let’s ring the opening bell and announce this week’s new contenders.

Cocktails and Movies: Weekend Review – “Wait. What Happened?”

You didn’t see much this weekend, but Cocktails and Movies will tell you what you DID see.

More people obviously watched Game of Thrones last night than care about Will Smith and son…

cocktails and movies

See? There’s the problem.

Did you hear that? That whooshing sound in the background is Will Smith’s box office beginning to make its first lap around the drain; so much so, that Wild Wild West looks like a positive career move. (Even though it’s a guilty pleasure for some of us here at Cocktails and Movies – actually, just Mike) Yes, the once crowned “King of July 4th weekend” has fallen so far from the lofty post he has occupied for so long. All this thanks to his eagerness to try and turn his son into a cash cow, (hey, just give him a damn allowance like normal people!!!), and M. Night Shyamalan’s lack of ability when it comes to anything remotely cinematic. This movie underperformed so much that John Carter made more money in three days last March! (Again, another good film we here at C&M happen to enjoy for its own merits. – again, Mike. Tim hasn’t seen it.)

Cocktails and Movies: Flicks to Pick This Weekend


And there goes Memorial Day! What a weekend beat down the boys with the NO2-fueled, supercharged FF6 put on the poor Wolfpack from Hangover III. Thanks for coming to play, and buh-bye! At the time of writing this, Fast and Furious 6 has made approximately $131 million and may just have enough to win this weekend’s box office, even with two new movies debuting in theaters, one with Will Smith and son. The other a top-notch cast with a fun premise.