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Cocktails And Movies Take Out Theater: “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark”

This week: Cocktails and Movies watches Katie Holmes battle dark forces (other than scientology)

Welcome to “31 Days of Highballs and Horror” as Cocktails and Movies celebrates Halloween with our latest installment of #TakeOutTheater, scary style! This week’s theme is “Don’t Go In There,” which deals with particularly haunted houses. This film is something of a diamond in the rough, as it was a fairly recent but a not so widely received entry. Guillermo Del Toro is a name that most movie geeks are familiar with, especially those that are particularly big fans of horror and sci-Fi genre thrills. His films tend to take a darker look at well-worn genre tropes, especially that of the classic fairy tale. While he didn’t direct this week’s film, he did have a steady hand in producing it, and that hand is seen throughout every well crafted aspect of the film. A well done remake of a TV movie from the 1970’s, this week’s pick is…

Cocktails and Movies #takeouttheaterThe Film

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Directed By: Troy Nixey
Year Released: 2011
Starring: Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, and Bailee Madison
Rating: R
Runtime:  99 Minutes
Studio: FilmDistrict/Miramax
Tagline: “Fear Is Never Just Make Believe”

Cocktails and Movies Take Out Theater: “Dazed and Confused”


This week, Cocktails and Movies takes a look a cult classic about coming of age in small town Texas in 1976.

20 years ago September 24th, a film came (and went quickly) to theaters, making only $8 million at the box office. It was a coming of age film that featured an ensemble cast of future stars, including Ben Affleck, Parker Posey, Milla Jovovich, Matthew McConaughey, Cole Hauser, Jason London, Adam Goldberg and others.

The Film

Cocktails and Movies Take Out Theater Dazed and ConfusedDazed and Confused
Directed By: Richard Linklater (also writer)
Year Released: 1993
Starring: Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, Milla Jovovich
Rating: R
Runtime:  102 Minutes
Studio: Gramercy Pictures

Cocktails and Movies presents Take Out Theater – “The Perfect Host”

Welcome back to staying in with Cocktails and Movies

Let’s welcome back another round of #TakeOutTheater, the column where we help you pick a movie that allows you to cook a nice meal from scratch, mix your own boozey concoction, and enjoy some nice home entertainment. While we advise people to drink responsibly in addition to enjoying the communal theatrical experience, we acknowledge that it’s not always an option for our readers. Which is why we like to pick these “stay at home” gems that are (for the most part) unknown or underseen. This week’s release comes from a company we here at Cocktails and Movies have come to know, love, and frequent quite a bit for this column. That’ s right, chalk up another attractive release from Magnet Releasing’s fine catalog of hits! This time we’ll be viewing the 2010 festival darling, The Perfect Host.

Cocktails and Movies presents #Take Out Theater – “The Impostors”

By Mike Reyes

Does the fact that it’s only #HarumphDay got you down? Never fear… #Take Out Theater is here!

Hey folks! It’s time for another installment of #TakeOutTheater, that part of our week where we try to save you some money for that movie you really want to see (The World’s End)  over the weekend. And we don’t just slip you something that the studios want us to plug for home video release. To do that, we’d have to GET videos FROM THEM FIRST!  Ahem. That’s what most of those other sites would do. No, we provide films that we think are Prime Cut, worth the ticket price, “you could watch it just by us mentioning the name and we’d stand behind it” movies. This week, I’m sharing a personal favorite of mine from my formative years.