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CocktailsandMovies.com Whaddya Got On Tap? – Week of 02/09/18

by Tim Barley and Duwayne Tso

Trains, rabbits and lovers

Whaddya got on tap cocktails and movies Feb 9th

Well, we’re heading toward Valentine’s Day next week, so you knew that the finale of the 50 Shades series had to drop. But, at least we get a new Clint Eastwood film about (and starring) the men who took down a terrorist attack on a movie Paris-bound train. So, something for everyone. Let’s take a look and ask everyone “Whaddya Got On Tap?”

CocktailsandMovies.com Thursday Trailer Tap – 12/14/17

by Duwayne Tso

Cocktails and Movies and Trailers, Oh My!

Cocktailsandmovies.com Thursday Trailer Tap
Are you sitting in your cubicle with stacks of TPS reports to go through? Listening to that conference call where everyone is talking at the same time about nothing at all that matters? Stuck at the water cooler hearing how Coco took the #1 spot for the third straight week! Need something to watch with that flask in your desk and that burned microwave popcorn from the break room? Let us share movie trailers with you. Now that the summer season is a distant image in our rear-view mirror, we have gotten a lot more movie trailers to view for this week’s The Thursday Trailer Tap