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The Trailer Tap – July 22nd, 2014

Tim Barley

Trailer Tap Trailers

That conference call boring you to death? Check out some movie trailers!

Sitting in your office and on a conference call where everyone talks at the same time about nothing at all? Need something to watch with that flask in your desk and that burned microwave popcorn from the break room? Well, fire up a movie trailer or two and pencil in some movies later this year. We’ve gotten some great news ones that have hit theaters, the Web and TV spots. Here are some of the ones that have caught our eye this week with trailers that look pretty damned good. So open your special drawer, fetch the secret stash of booze you’ve got hidden away, and come see what’s in store for us in the coming months!

Cocktails and Movies “Trailer Tap” – 6/10/2014

Trailer Tap TrailersGrab your flasks! And open a new window on your desk top! It’s time for previews!

It’s Tuesday! You’re hangover is gone and you’re thinking to yourself, “Self, how can I kill 15-20 minutes at work while also deciding what movie to go see within 3-6 months?”

And, so here we are! Cocktails and Movies takes the time from our busy day of making drinks and working the remote in the office, watching movies for you and making more cocktails to bring you the best trailers out there. So, grab a shot glass and put your headphones on at your desk. Skip the smoke break, IT’S TIME FOR TRAILERS!!!!

Enjoy a few, won’t you?

Cocktails and Movies’ Trailer Tap – 4/29/14


Trailer Tap TrailersOk, ok… we all know who’s going to be in the new Star Wars movies now. Calm yourself down with some trailers!

So the Star Wars cast list was confirmed, and Overlord Tim still hasn’t gotten a call from old Lens Flares. Seriously, what’s the hold up? He’s been commandeering the break room to practice his saber skills, he’s got the slightly British affectation down to a tee, and he can say Couruscant five times fast! (Not to mention, he’s promised ME the keys to the office, and full reign over the site if he gets called away for filming! – Mike)

Still, we won’t let our disappointment cloud your rocks glass. We leave that for the amber color of the fine Scotch in your desk drawer. We congratulate the new and diverse cast of Star Wars: Episode VII, and we wish them the best in their future endeavor… making us forget about the Prequels. That sais, it’s time to enjoy a few trailers. So pop some popcorn in the break room microwave, plug in your headphones, and be sure you’ve practiced your stealth pouring techniques. It’s time to go.

Cocktails and Movies’ Trailer Tap – 4/15/14

Trailer Tap Trailers

Grab your flasks! And open a new window on your desk top! It’s time for previews!

Ok, so we skipped a week. Things got busy, and we missed a couple of deadlines last week. Lessons were learned, the Interns have been brow-beaten into making sure we’re on task, and we’re back up and running this week. There are some great trailers floating around out there for some movies coming out later this year.

Enjoy a few, won’t you?

The Cocktails and Movies Trailer Tap – 3/18/14

Trailer Tap Trailers

Tuesdays Are For Trailers, And We LOVE Trailers!

It’s Trailer Tap Tuesday, Mixers! Another week’s worth of fresh enticement awaits you behind the jump. We’ve got a Comedy with some familiar faces from across The Pond, another yet another adaptation looking to cash in where The Hunger Games hasn’t, and a movie that defies description… and not in a particularly good way.