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Why I Built Cocktails and Movies…

Cocktails and Movies: It’s not work if you have fun doing it

Tim Barley Cocktails and Movies

Visual Approximation of Tim Barley – president of Cocktails and Movies

Greetings to those of you whom I have never had a chance to meet. Someday I hope to make your acquaintance, no matter how far away geographically you may be. For even though you may be on the opposite side of the world, or just on the other side of the Sepulveda Pass, if you are reading this then you share at least a little bit of love for movies, cocktails or just getting together with friends.

And that, my friend, is why Cocktails and Movies is so important to me. Not because I think that EVERY movie should be seen in a theater. That could get expensive! Nor do I think that everyone should be drinking all the time. It’s good to drink in moderation and safely. I cannot stress the need to DRINK RESPONSIBLY. 

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Flicks To Pick


It’s time for Cocktails and Movies to give you a little nudge in our “Flicks to Pick.”

cocktails and movies white-house-down

It’s the boys…

Time to prepare for an action packed weekend of Flicks to Pick! Cocktails ready? Check. Movies? Picked out. Gun, Badge, and Spanx? Already on. Rocket Launcher? Um… we lost it? And, as always we’re ready to throw down some differing predictions. As always, you can challenge us on whether we know what we are doing or not in the comments section below, or find us on Facebook or Twitter (@cocktailsmovies). Use the hashtag #flickstopick to join in the conversation.

the heat cocktails and movies

…vs the girls.

After a weekend of monsters and zombies overrunning the screens of America, it’s time to scale things back down to a more manageable level. Something along the lines of mass governmental property damage and improper interrogation techniques. Yeah, that’s the ticket! In fact, that’s exactly what we’ll get out of this weekend’s two big contenders for the “Flicks To Pick” top spot. Let’s meet them, shall we?


Cocktails and Movies Weekend Review: What You Saw With Your Popcorn


Cocktails and Movies Has The Stats To Back What You Saw This Weekend As 3D Glasses Met Bar Glasses!

Monsters University cocktails and MoviesMonsters and Zombies and Aliens (not British resident aliens, Kryptonian), Oh Wow! A lot of glasses were recycled this weekend, as the top three films of this week had 3D conversions available for public consumption. While post filmed 3D movie conversions are still an iffy business (as evidenced by World War Z‘s lackluster conversion), some are still worthwhile. (Man of Steel didn’t look half bad behind the shades, nor did Monsters University.) With this weekend over and in the books, here are the top 10 films you saw in your local multiplex across America this weekend:

Cocktails and Movies: Flicks to Pick This Weekend


Flicks That Cocktails and Movies Suggests YOU Will See This Weekend

Cocktails and Movies TylerPerry

Does this man have the #1 movie?

Week 2 of Summer Movie Season is here, and with it Cocktails and Movies are sharing two new releases to consider.

Are your jaws up off the floor after seeing Iron Man 3? No, seriously, you should have them up by now, or you’ll catch flies in there or something. Still, Tony Stark’s latest (and possibly last) adventure WAS the “Flick To Pick” last week. This week looks to be more competitive as he’ll be squaring off against another, more enigmatic millionaire; as well as the latest from the producing hand of Tyler Perry.