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The Cocktails And Movies’ Trailer Tap – 6/24/14

Trailer Tap Trailers

By Mike Reyes

Out Of Vacation Time? Take Some Trailer Time With Us!

We’re almost half way through summer, Mixers. This means that we’re almost out of good movies to watch, and we’re almost headed into dump season. For now, there’s still some big movers and shakers waiting to have their moment in the sun, and some of them have caught our eye this week with trailers that look pretty damned good. So open your special drawer, fetch the secret stash of booze you’ve got hidden away, and come see what’s in store for us in the coming months!

The Cocktails and Movies Trailer Tap – 6/3/2014

Trailer Tap TrailersGrab your flasks! And open a new window on your desk top! It’s time for previews!

It’s Tuesday. Monday’s hangover is gone and you’re thinking to yourself, “Self, how can I kill 15-20 minutes at work and avoid those TPS reports, while also deciding what movie to go see within 3-6 months?” And, so here we are! Cocktails and Movies takes the time from our busy day of making drinks and working the remote in the office, watching movies for you and making more cocktails to bring you the best trailers out there. So, grab your flask and a shot glass from your desk, put your headphones and sit back. Skip the smoke break, IT’S TIME FOR TRAILERS!!!!

Enjoy a few, won’t you?

The Cocktails and Movies Trailer Tap: 2/18/14

by Mike Reyes and Tim Barley

cocktails and movies trailer tap

Time for our weekly mini film fest! Your West Coast lunch hour (or late afternoon entertainment on the East Coast) has arrived…

Another Tuesday is here, which means The Trailer Tap is back to slake your thirst for what’s coming soon to a theater near you! It’s our way of letting you all know what we’re excited about, and it provides you something to do if you’ve got some extra time on that lunch hour… We’ve got some interesting entries, as well as some not so interesting entries, to keep you all entertained and informed!

The Cocktails And Movies’ (Super) Trailer Tap – 2/4/14

Time for shots and short films!

Movie_Trailer_Preview_Screen slider sizeEvery Tuesday it’s time for short films and shots. Wait, those aren’t short films, those are Trailers! Here are the newest ones that have been made available.

Cocktails and Movies Trailer Tap: 12/19/13

Short movies for short attention spans…

cocktails and movies trailer tapSometimes we at Cocktails and Movies don’t have time for a whole cocktail. So we do shots and thankfully there are trailers out there for us to watch while doing shots. Every week, the studios drop new trailers for us and we do our best to watch them for you and show you the best of what’s out there.