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Cocktails and Movies Wrap Session: Feb 28th – Mar 2


The Oscars have their best showing quite a while as Liam Neeson flies Nonstop

oscar-selfie-retweet-recordLast night’s Oscars had a little bit for everyone, (if you followed our Twitter-athon, you know Mike’s feelings on the whole night, while Tim anonymously just fired off snark when not sipping from his cocktail in the West Coast offices…), including some stirring speeches, pizza, some great musical performances and a very confused John Travolta. Gravity’s influence wasn’t quite enough to garner every award as 12 Years a Slave walked away with the Best Picture win to the former’s 7 wins, mostly for technical awards, director and cinematography. We’d love to hear your thoughts on last night’s broadcast on Facebook or Twitter…

As for the weekend wrap, well here we are, Monday. We’ve got a hangover and good news for Liam Neeson who’s been doing well for himself at 61…

So without any further delay, let’s take a look at this weekend’s Box Office results:

Weekend Box Office Estimates 2/28 – 3/2 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

1. Nonstop: $28.9 mil. (C&M Estimate – Place: $33 mil. – 1st Place)
2. Son of GodActual: $25.6 mil. (C&M Estimate – Placing: $15 mil. – 4th Place)
3. The LEGO MovieActual: $20.8 mil. (C&M Estimate – Placing: $25 mil. – 2nd Place)
4.  3 Days to Kill:  Actual: $4.9 mil. (C&M Estimate – Placing: nr – nr)
5. The Monuments Men$4.9 mil. (C&M Estimate – Placing: $5 mil. – 5th Place)
6. Robocop (2014): $4.5 mil.
7. Pompeii$4.3 mil.
8. Frozen$3.6 mil.
9. About Last Night (2014): $3.3 mil. 
10. Ride Along$3.0 mil.

Overlord Tim did not have much faith in the Lord. (Get it?). But, movie goers flocked to see Jesus in all his glory! A lot of church groups went as a whole and televangelist Joel Osteen even gave it a shout out during his Thursday telecast. It’s nice to have that built in audience. Still, it will be nothing short of a miracle if this stays in the top five for more than another week. Other than the Robocop/3 Days to Kill switch up, the boss did a pretty solid job of picking the movies from last weekend.

What we didn’t see was the huge drop off from the top three to the rest of the pack. Pompeii looks like it’s going to get buried (hahaha, get it again?) under even more competition while Monuments Men is still hanging around…

That’s it for a shortened Monday, everyone. Remember to tell your friends about us on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll keep providing you with more and more items about cocktails and movies  every day!

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Session – 2/18/14


The LEGO Movie builds on its first weekend, while three remakes place in the top five

cocktails and movies flicks to pick The Lego MovieHello again, Mixers! We hope your President’s Day and your February 14th were filled with fun and libations! However, it’s Tuesday now, and the harsh light of productivity has reared its head once more. Fear not, as we’ve returned to entertain you during your virtual “coffee breaks.” Speaking of coffee, let’s see what made it through the filter at this weekend’s box office:

Weekend Box Office Estimates 2/14 – 2/17 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

1. The LEGO Movie: $63.5 mil. ($35 mil – 1st place)
2. About Last Night (2014): $28.5 mil. ($32 mil – 2nd place)
3. Robocop (2o14):  $25.6 mil. ($25 mil – 3rd place)
4. The Monuments Men: $18 mil. ($22 mil – 5th place)
5. Endless Love (2014): $15.1 mil. ($18 mil – 4th place)
6. Ride Along: $10 mil.
7. Winter’s Tale: $8.10 mil.
8. Frozen: $8.07 mil.
9. Lone Survivor: $4.7 mil.
10. That Awkward Moment: $3.9 mil.

Monday Wrap Session – “The LEGO Movie” Builds Big


The LEGO Movie built itself a big opening, while The Monuments Men searches for its treasure

The LEGO movieGood Monday to you all, Mixers! We’re back from an interesting weekend where we’ve learned two important lessons: never underestimate the power of a kids’ movie, and yes… there is such a thing as a “CriticProof” film. While the world watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, movie going audiences has three age-variant movies to choose from. One for the kids, one for the kids and one for the ‘tweens. And although the The LEGO Movie scored huge with audiences and garnered mixed reviews from critics, including our own Mike Reyes, The Monuments Men took it on the chin and Vampire Academy was a real let down. Have vampires fallen out of favor? 

The Weekend Wrap Session: No One Can Storm the Lionsgate


A Monstrous Weekend for Lionsgate, But A Triumphant One For Universal!

Cocktails and Movies wrap session Ride AlongGood Monday afternoon, Mixers! Looks like you spread the word on some older favorites this weekend, while you didn’t even bother with the only newcomer this weekend. Seriously though, did ANY of you see I, Frankenstein. Even Cocktails and Movies president Tim did NOT see it, preferring to enjoy some volleyball, then golf and some pizza and beer with the boys. Then there was Sunday… But as far as I (ay ay yay), Frankenstein, it’s okay if you saw it. We promise no public shaming, we just want to know your thought and who has your family and what the ransom is for their safe release…

The Monday Wrap Session – “Ride Along” To The Bank, PGA, SAG Awards


The weekend was Universal-ly good, with a January record breaker and continued success!

Flicks to Pick Ride AlongThe Monday Morning Wrap Session comes to you this week on a Tuesday because of the three day MLK weekend. Ride Along unexpectedly crushed the competition this weekend, with a January opening for the books! Come to think of it, it’s the January opening at the TOP of the books now, setting a new record for a January opening. And to think, it did this WITHOUT being a sequel, an adaptation of a pre-existing property, and without any Large Format or 3D options of enjoyment. (Although depending on who you talk to, the enjoyability of the situation is a very subjective matter.) Let’s see where the rest of the competition landed: