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Monday Morning “Wrap Session” – 1/13/14 “Lone Survivor” Hits Its Mark

by Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Golden Globes notes, surprising numbers for Lone Survivor and more…

Emma Thompson cocktails and moviesWhat a long, busy and surprising weekend we’ve had here at the Cocktails and Movies offices. We attempted our first live, bi-coastal live tweet during the Golden Globes last night. Thanks to all of you who tuned in last night! Maybe next year we’ll add a live podcast with audience participation; unless that is, we get an invitation to go and then we’ll just Instagram the whole thing as we hobnob with the elite!  Regarding the Golden Globes, Amy and Tina were right on form last night (overnight ratings indicated it was the most popular Golden Globes telecast in seven years and it was smart of Dick Clark Productions to lock them in for two more years), there were some great one liners, we met Tina Fey’s ‘adult son’ with Harvey Weinstein (who cracked probably his first smile ever), the show ended on time, and Emma Thompson is now our official office Spirit Animal, showing some true Cocktails and Movies spirits at the podium last night: shoes off and martini in hand. In all seriousness, the Oscars could take a couple pages out of the Globes playbook to keep things interesting the whole night. (However, if everyone could prepare a speech or two and throw on some running shoes for the big night, that’d be nice.)

There were some surprises last night, and while no one in that room is a “loser,” you had to ask the WTW in some cases last night. We didn’t see the wins for Best/Supporting Actresses for Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence coming. Great actresses, sure, but the movie is uneven (comedy? crime drama? what IS this film?). Tim is still enthralled by June Squibb’s performance in Nebraska and felt she should have gotten more press. We’ll see if her work transfers to the Oscars. The shock of the night had to be Matthew McConaughey’s win for Dallas Buyer’s Club. Yes, he was great in it, but Chiwetel Ejjiofor was the odds on favorite for a movie that was seemingly shut out until it received Best Motion Picture – Drama at the end of the night. Come Oscar time, it will be interesting to see how many nominations Wolf gets since it is seen as a comedy and Oscars are not known for nominating comedies.

Cocktails and Movies Monday Morning “Wrap Session”


Something called the ‘Polar Vortex’ played havoc on movie theaters and left everything Frozen

cocktails and movies Weekend Wrap Session 1.3.14 - 1.5.14Greetings to all, far and wide. For those new to Cocktails and Movies, we take this time every Monday (after a nice cocktail to get us going) to look at what happened over the weekend at the box office and to see how good we are getting at prognosticating the returns. Whether it’s the late morning cocktails on a Friday, or the fact that we love movies more than box office returns, we often get it wrong. Which is why, starting soon, we’re going to offer up a competition each week as a guest prognosticator picking the top five films each week. If you beat us, you’ll get that week’s prize! More to come on that in the next week or so.

But, hey, have you noticed how COLD it is out there? It even forced AMC Theaters to close down many of its theaters in MO, IL, IN, MI and Wisconsin yesterday. Yes, winter is here and it is playing havoc with the box office already. That being said, Frozen is doing killer business. Unlike Paranormal Activity, which was just frozen in second place.

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Session


The box office scares up some great numbers for the first week of October!

cocktails and movies 2013 fall movie preview Gravity-2013Do you hear that, Mixers? That sound that filled the air this weekend? That was buzz. That was October becoming the first shot in the battleground that is fall tent pole season. Really, it’s “pup tent” pole season, but still… It was a hell of a weekend at the top of the charts, but also a good weekend for two surprises coming out of the Indie world. With that in mind, we present to you the films that YOU picked to see this weekend.

Cocktails and Movies: Monday’s Wrap Session


We take a look at the weekend here at Cocktails and Movies

cocktails and movies flickstopick insidious_chapter_twoIt’s Alive! The Box Office had a slight uptick in business thanks to two strategic releases and perhaps a bit of the Cocktails and Movies touch. The calendar says that it’s September, but the Box Office says we’ve got another week of Spring on our hands here. Where were all of you guys at the end of August? Seriously… Here’s a look at this weekend’s Box Office estimates: