Take Out Theater – 4th of July Special Edition!

by Tim Barley

This Independence Day Weekend, I’ll give you a top five “America!” list to enjoy while relaxing

4th-of-july-outdoor-moviesHello, everyone! Welcome to 4th of July 2014! Yes, it’s going to be a loooooong weekend with July 4th sitting on a Friday, so things are going to be hectic here. Three day weekends are great, but can be a real drain on the body, especially when you get to be our age! And you may find yourself with a few moments of down time in which you just want to watch a movie and kick back with a cocktail while your kids play with illegal fireworks outside.

So, in honor of our Independence Day from the tyranny of tea and crumpet eaters, here’s my top five for chilling and yelling “America, Fuck Yeah!” (that’s a hint) I didn’t choose movies that would be obvious (aka dramas that make you think) such as The Patriot, Lincoln, Rocky IV or Born on the Fourth of July. I chose movies that you can relish in their “American audaciousness”. And until my screenplay Killibuster gets green-lit (go ahead ask me about it), these are choices. And. Here. We. Go.

In no particular order, except this is how we found in them in our DVD collection:

Dave/The American PresidentDave & American President

Two great movies about the highest office in the land, if you’re looking for some great writing and some great acting, check out either of these two movies. Dave features a great performance by Kevin Kline who bears an striking resemblance to an incapacitated President, and must work through the backstabbing machinations of some of his staff. The American President is written by Aaron Sorkin (before the “West Wing”) and is filled to the brim of everything Washington in a frenetic pace with lots of walking…

Fun clip(s): Federal Budget management – Dave  Dinner date – The American President

– C&M –

Air Force OneAir Force One

Having one of the greatest lines in cinema ever uttered by a president, this movie is one of those over the top but in a fun way movies that makes great use of Harrison Ford as the president, and Gary Oldman as the leader of the hijackers.

Fun clip: “Get off my plane!

– C&M –

Independence DayIndependence day

The obvious choice, this movies does suffer from some plot holes and some implausibility (besides the aliens), but it’s fun. Except you have to ask yourself why the aliens need tall buildings to fire on, or short ones in the case of the White House… And it’s about celebrating our Independence Day.

Fun clip: “Today, we celebrate our independence day!

– C&M –

Team America: World Police TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE

America! Fuck Yeah! If this isn’t on your viewing list this weekend, then you’re obviously a terrorist. And beware, these puppets will do whatever they need to in order to get the job done. A great poke at American imperialism and lack of tact and understanding by the creators of South Park, you will laugh all through this movie and enjoy the pokes at everything from actors, North Korea and Michael Moore to name a few. The music numbers are amazing and the puppet sex scene is worth the price of the rental.

Fun clip: “Freedom costs a buck o five

– C&M –

National Treasure National Treasure

Somehow this movie got into our collection. Sure, it has Nick Cage, but it’s fun to think about and enjoy the total ridiculousness of the plot, and you might actually learn a little bit about U.S. history. Probably a bit more conspiratorial than you’d normally get in a high school history class.

Fun clip: Explanation of what’s on a $100 bill.

– C&M – 


Red Dawn (1984)Red Dawn 84

No red blooded American should miss this movie starring a bevy of American talent about an American take over by the Russians and Cubans. Cubans in winter Colorado. Oh, 80’s, how I miss thee. There’s some great “feeling great to be an American moments here.” If you can find it, it’s much better than the remake.

Fun clip: Wolverines!!! (because Buckeyes! never sounds as cool…)

So, there you go! Enjoy at your leisure. With a bottle of Jack Daniels!