The Monday Morning Hangover Report – April 25th, 2016

by Tim Barley

Huntsman suffers from Jagermeister-sized hangover…

Execs at Universal react to their movie.

Let’s look at what happened over the weekend as we bring you the Monday Morning Hangover Report, which we do in the afternoon because well, “hangover” is in the title…

As expectedThe Jungle Book retained the top spot, surpassing my expectations last Friday by over 33%. But, the big surprise (or maybe not, if you look at the score – 17%) was the horrible box office opening for The Huntsman: Winter’s War, which didn’t even reach OUR expectations. You can expect some execs at Universal to be pulling out their hair, and their flasks from the back of the bottom drawers.

Once again, the following estimates are from Box Office Mojo, and are fresh as of Sunday afternoon. Be aware that these numbers could change when the actuals finally come out later this week (blue are new movies this last weekend):

  1. The Jungle Book: $60,800,000
  2. The Huntsman: Winter’s War: $20,080,000
  3. Barbershop: The Next Cut: $10,560,000
  4. Zootopia$6,611,000
  5. The Boss: $6,080,000
  6. Batman v Superman: $5,540,000
  7. Criminal: $3,100,000
  8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: $2,100,000
  9. Compadres: $$1,350,000
  10. Eye In the Sky: $1,214,000

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Once again, I wasn’t too far off in my picks in last Friday’s “Whaddya Got On Tap.”


Jungle book snake


Not a big surprise at the box office this past weekend. The studios seem to be finishing their dump of films before the summer season begins over the next few weeks. Add to that, the NBA and NHL playoffs and its a tough time to be a movie. So, The Jungle Book marches onward and closing in on a profitable status. The same cannot be said for Universal’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War. With a $115 million budget and having only made $20 million this weekend, it looks like this will be the year’s first huge flop. Barbershop 2: The Next Cut did respectable business, while Zootopia and The Boss filled out the top five, making under $7 million each. For the bottom five of the top ten, only one film managed to make over $5 million. Collectively, movies 2-10 made less than the number one movie at the box office. And THAT’S a crappy weekend at the box office.

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