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The CocktailsandMovies.com group, currently based in Hermosa Beach, CA, has been around since 1995 when we all this was done via eVite. We are dedicated to cocktails and movies and actually GOING out to the movie theater and viewing movies as they were intended to be viewed: on a big screen while or after taking in a few cocktails, thus celebrating the group movie-going experience with friends, new or old. Cocktails and Movies also finds some time to enjoy those overlooked indie movies that can only be found on VOD/streaming, but our first love is still the 300+ seat auditorium, with its shared audience experience. Cocktails and Movies or Movies and Cocktails, either way it’s a great way to enjoy time with friends.


To bring friends, new and old, together in artful happy hours and then the movie theater by sharing the worlds of cocktails and movies.

Cocktails and Movies cocktail and movie theater

First off, there are some things (aka legal “ass coverings”) we’d like to mention:

1. We understand that the drinking age throughout the United States is 21 years of age. While we think this is an arbitrary age (many older individuals are not mature enough to handle their drink and many younger people under the age of 21 actually risk their lives in military service each day and deserve a cocktail), Cocktails and Movies respects the law as it is written and we do not condone underage drinking.

2. We understand that drinking ANY amount and driving is a risk that shouldn’t be taken and is dangerous to the driver and the people out on the road, and we also do not condone this action. Always have a designated driver or take a cab or Uber if you intend on drinking.

3. We understand that excessive drinking is a danger to one’s mental and physical health and can lead to loss of inhibitions and other medical issues that make one look and feel stupid the next morning. To this end, we do not condone over indulgence of alcohol.

4. After all that, we at CocktailsandMovies.com realize that many movies made today are not great and MAY need a bit of alcohol to make them viewable and in some cases, watchable.

In 2017, we expect to grow (with your help) into something much more, including Cocktails and Movies events, celebrity interviews over cocktails, a podcast, an app and so much more. Please follow CocktailsandMovies.com on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram to enjoy our salutes to daily movie celebrities birthdays and news from the world of Cocktails and Movies. And remember to share us with your friends as well.

Meet the Cocktails and Movies Team:

tim Barley cocktails and movies.com creatorTim Barley has always loved movies and seeing movies on the big screen where they were meant to be seen. In 2005, while dating an exec from Sony, he invited a bunch of friends to join them for an after work happy hour and see Miss Congeniality 2. The cocktails certainly helped and as a fun time was had by all, Tim put together monthly group efforts to have a happy hour and go see a movie. In 2012, having fallen prey to the Great Recession and seeing box office receipts begin to take a hit from other media sources, Tim launched Cocktails and Movies to unite fellow move lovers and drinking lovers with a site dedicated to all news about the film industry as well as cocktails. Tim looks forward to growing CocktailsandMovies.com into a powerhouse that will aggregate all the information you want to know from both worlds.

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Bio PicDuwayne was born and raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles (Torrance). His love of movies began when he watched Star Wars in the movie theatre! After that, he would go anytime he was able to with his parents and aunts to all kinds of movies. His love of movies grew even more in college. While attending UC Irvine, he was exposed to a wider range of movies. Within the last 10 years his love became an obsession… and now averages over 200+ movies a year, in and around Hollywood, Los Angeles, the South Bay and Orange County.

He is a member of a Meetup group called “SoCal Movie Fanatics” in order to meet some people who were crazier than he about movies. Even in that group, he is still far ahead of everyone else. It is through organizing movie events for this group, that he met Tim Barley at a screening of 21 Jump Street or The Family. After checking out the Cocktails & Movies Facebook page, he attended his 1st CocktailsandMovies.com event of Monuments Men and the rest is history!

MICHAEL REYES: Not pictured

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At CocktailsandMovies.com, we want everyone to have a good time watching a movie as previous generations have enjoyed them – in theaters, with a flask of good whiskey. Or rum. Or gin. You get the point.

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